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Our origins, Our rights

HRBB campaigns to defends adopted people’s right to origins

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Dialogues with Adoptees is an ongoing series published in The Korea Times that serves as a platform for guest writers, including adoptees and experts, to discuss issues related to adoption. The primary theme centers on one's origins with topics ranging from one’s birth parents and family to one’s name, nationality, birthplace, language, culture, and personal experiences. By providing an online space for a wide variety of voices to share their views, this series aims to inform readers about why the right to origins is important for Korean adoptees.

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Released and available for purchase: The Global Orphan Adoption System by Dr. Kyung-Eun Lee

In her new book, Dr. Kyung-eun Lee wields international laws as her surgical blade in order to dissect the practice of inter-country adoption from S. Korea.

She uncovers the fact that the S. Korean government and private adoption agencies as partners have made “orphans” systematically, widely, but ironically within legal boundaries. As a result, adoptees’ human rights have been violated on a massive scale. Dr. Lee points out the negligence of the international society which was aware of Korea’s failure in complying with the international legal system. She reminds the international community, especially those of the receiving countries, of their responsibility to demand that sending countries such as S. Korea enhance their legal systems in order to protect child rights.

This book should serve as invaluable guidance to government officials, legal experts, researchers, and adoption-related stakeholders who wish to transform the current global “orphan” adoption system into an alternative care system for the best interests of the child.

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