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Why Human Rights Beyond Borders?

We operate both symbolically and literally Beyond Borders

Mainstreaming beyond orders

Adoptee rights are Human Rights. We seek to move adoption issues from a niche issue to be recognized as common human rights by the public.

Intercountry adoption is beyond borders

The rights of intercountry adoptees are not only the responsibility of countries of origin, but also receiving countries; therefore, we seek to connect and work with adoptees beyond Korea to ensure that all members involved in adoption are respecting and protecting human rights.

Digital is beyond borders

To connect and include adoptees outside of Korea, we use online means, such as social media, our website, and other forms of online social connectivity.

Mission Statement

HRBB works to create a global movement that campaigns to defend adopted people’s right to origins

Our Vision

A world in which: 

  • in which those affected by adoption realize their right to know their origins as guaranteed by UN human rights treaties

  • in which human rights are secured from the moment of birth without discrimination

  • in which the Right to Origins is fully recognized as a human rights 

Our Principles


  • HRBB defends the rights of adoptees and delivers their voices responsibly through transparency in its operations and governance in its management


  • HRBB represents the voices of adoptees and takes every opportunity to facilitate adoptees' participation through research, campaigning, and advocacy


  • HRBB respects, protects and promotes human rights throughout its activities

Our approach

Applying a rights-based approach through a digital platform for global activism

Rights-based approach

Rights are international obligations that Korea and the countries that received Korean adoptees must fulfill. Rights are the language that States speak and are contracted to follow. Moreover, rights are a specific framework that is already established, and we base all of our activities and approach on the rights enshrined in the international human rights conventions.


Global activism

Adoptees are spread throughout the world, and therefore, any advocacy that includes their participation must be global. Adoption does not involve only Korea but also receiving countries, so advocacy must be directed at both Korea and receiving countries.


Digital platform-based activities 

The current pandemic makes travel nearly impossible. The reliance on online forms of communication has become the new normal. Moreover, most adoptees are outside of Korea, which leaves them left out of any discussions inside Korea; this excludes the participation of a majority of adoptees in the policies and laws that affect them. Additionally, online connections (e.g., Facebook groups, etc.) have been vital in uniting those affected by adoption (adoptees and birth families). Therefore, we use primarily digital means to connect and work together.

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