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HRBB seeks to bring adoptees together and support them in implementing their own forms of activism for the right to origins in their respective receiving countries, in Korea and internationally. HRBB achieves this through the following activities:


HRBB lobbies international human rights committees and organizations, as well as receiving governments, to pressure Korea to fulfill adoptees' right to origins.

Networking and Outreach

HRBB networks and outreaches internationally to connect and work with adoptees overseas, international human rights organizations and experts, and other relevant groups.
HRBB meets and engages online to create online spaces (such as our website, social media, and online lectures and discussions) dedicated to advocacy work for the right to origins



HRBB conducts legal and policy research on Korea's intercountry adoption program and to share these findings with overseas adoptees through online activities (workshops, lectures, reports, etc.). This research will also serve as a guide in the development of activities and advocacy so that our work is evidence-based and robust.



HRBB builds the capacity of adoptees abroad to advocate for their rights in Korea by providing online educational lectures, meetings, conferences, and other activities. HRBB will also help them find opportunities in Korea to advocate, providing information (such as legal and policy research) to inform their advocacy, and offer guidance on how to advocate in Korea, to their respective governments, and at the international level.

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